Life changing sliced white.

Soft and springy sliced white bread made with Wildfarmed flour with extra bran for a comforting, wholesome flavour.



Seeded sliced bread made with Wildfarmed flour and packed with 6 types of seeds, for a nutty, malty loaf.


White Bread Rolls.

Four-pack of white rolls made and dusted with Wildfarmed flour, for a super soft, versatile classic. Perfect for breakfast baps, picnics and packed lunches.


White Sourdough.

Wildfarmed sourdough made using a traditional sourdough process, fermented over 32 hours for a tangy and moreish flavour.


Seeded Sourdough.

Wildfarmed sourdough made using a traditional sourdough process, fermented over 32 hours with a 5-seed blend for a nutty, toasty flavour.



How is this bread really life changing?

Wildfarmed bread, baguettes, rolls and flour don’t just make super tasty sandwiches, they have the power to transform lunches and landscapes. Farmers see visible differences in their fields. Bakers notice a difference in the way their products feel. And consumers taste that difference.

Our co-founders made life changing decisions quitting their careers for a life in the fields. Every bite you take of our delicious bread contributes to developing and adopting regenerative agriculture across the country, changing lives and landscapes for the better.

Growing wheat the Wildfarmed way is a win-win for everyone. We pay farmers fairly, rewarding quality not quantity, but the real winners are the fields themselves. Cutting out pesticides during the growing process brings back life to fields.

Birds have returned to wheat fields as insects are allowed to thrive again.

Good bugs get rid of bad bugs.

Without pesticides when the plant is growing, ladybirds can return to our fields to become nature’s insecticide. When we introduce our grazing cows and chickens they act as nature’s weed killer and fertiliser. Our sheep do a fab job of nibbling things we don’t need too. And we love worms because more worms means our soils drain better and are more stable.

Nature loves a party, we’re here to get that party started.

The great thing about regen is that when everything works in tandem it’s pretty unstoppable. Growing flowering companion crops instead of leaving the earth bare means creating a happy home for pollinators like bees and butterflies which has a knock-on effect for more healthy plant growth.

Where can I buy Wildfarmed bread?

Wildfarmed bread is now available at Waitrose and Waitrose.com. Look out for us on the bread aisle and the in-store bakery – you can’t miss us: we’re big, green and full of life. We also work with hundreds of bakeries, restaurants and other retailers across the country, see more here.

How is Wildfarmed bread farmer friendly?

Through our Wildfarmed Regenerative Standards, we give farmers a proven, commercial roadmap to improve the quality of their crops, soil and ecosystems. We do all that while providing every bit of support farmers need to make the leap, inviting them to be part of a knowledge-sharing, supportive community of pioneering growers, guaranteeing them a fair price for their harvest. 

We take a biology-driven approach to farming that puts soil health first. Our farmers benefit from reduced input costs and premium pricing, allowing for increased margins while building natural capital – the health of the soil. 

How else can I enjoy Wildfarmed bread?

Sandwiches, toast, toasties, French toast, croutons, bread and butter pudding – sweet or savoury, hot or cold, we’re not going to limit how and where you can enjoy Wildfarmed bread. And if you happen to find yourself polishing off a whole loaf in front of a box set one lazy Sunday, don’t forget you can freeze the sliced loaves so you won’t be caught short next time.